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  1. A mais bela fórmula da Matemática (Parte I)

    Notas sobre um seminário

  2. Dual boot on a SDD

    Some steps to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8.1 on a MSI GE72 2QE laptop with a HDD + SDD setup.

  3. A quick fix for some IPython notebook IOErrors

    It says some files are missing, like a custom.js.

  4. I did a rm -r /bin!

    How I used Docker to bring back some of my binaries.

  5. Installing some R packages

    Quick troubleshooting installing xlsx and XML packages on Debian Wheezy

  6. Do you know Sci-Hub?

    Access scientific articles for free.

  7. Monty Hall problem

    It's easier to believe the solution by simulating it.