I'm Allan Inocêncio de Souza Costa. This is my name, at least.

I found it difficult to say I’m a bunch of words or vocalized sounds, so I think it’s better to make the distinction. Anyway, I tend to use just Allan Costa for shortness or allanino for really short. I like the sound of it, rhymes with neutrino.

Besides my interest in ontological questions and other philosophical matters, I’m true passionate about Mathematics. Sometimes I have this sense of wonder when faced by its beautiful, even mysterious, structures and patterns. It’s not so surprising that I’m a platonist, in the sense that I believe that mathematics is discovered, not invented.

I have also a lot of interest in diverse fields, from physics and astronomy, which I studied as an undergraduate for two years, to artificial intelligence, programming, science fiction, photography and music (I’m teaching myself to play the piano).

I created this website to talk about the things I like, which includes all of above subjects and a little more. But more than a blog, it is also a hub for any projects I come to conceive.

If you want more: about.me/allanino